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Walgreens' Slide Scanning Service

If you think Walgreens has better pricing, do yourself a BIG favor and compare
their FREE sample scans to OUR FREE 3200 ppi SAMPLE SCANS.
You will be glad you did!!

Don't make a mistake that you and your family will regret for a long, long time.
You are not going to do this twice.

We don't have a lot of time to do research into what our competition is doing since we can count on our competition checking us out and trying to match our prices or figure out some way to make it look like they are giving the same services that we do for less. We lead, they follow. Then along comes Walgreens getting into the slide scanning business. We were at a show recently and overheard some people walking by and one person was saying to the other: "Oh, we can just go to Walgreens to have that done." Sure you can. But are you going to be happy with their work? We decided that we would save you the trouble of finding out the hard way by doing a test of our own. This test was done at the Sun Prairie East side Walgreens on 7/1/08. Your results may be different; maybe even worse. That is one more downside to having Walgreens do your scanning work: you never know what minimum wage worker might be working on your slide scanning project or even if they might be sending your slides off to some unknown third party to outsource the work.

We took twenty slides of various sizes, 35mm, 127 super slides, 120 slides and 110 slides, just to give them a test of slides we run into all the time. We took the slides in and left them there and two days later we picked the completed job up. Got it to the office and put the disk in the computer. Turns out that, out of twenty scans of twenty slides, only two scans made it onto the disk. We called Walgreens up and they said that these things happen and they would scan them over again. So, we had to take them back and give them a second shot at scanning twenty slides and maybe getting it right this time.

Needless to say, we were not impressed with Walgreens' scanning of our test slides. The scans were flat and discolored with hardly any attempt at improving the colors. Walgreens also scanned every slide at the 35mm setting on their scanner. This meant that the 127 super slides got cropped down so that they lost almost half the slide. At Affordable 35mm Slide Scanning, we scan the whole 127 film area and we do not charge extra to do it. When Walgreens scanned the 120 slides, which are almost square, they cropped off the top and the bottoms of the slides and they left black bars on each side of the scan. When Walgreens scanned the 110 slides, they did not enlarge the image at all. They just scanned it with their 35mm slide setting. As you can tell by the example below, it is just a small image with big black bars on all sides. This type of poor quality work would never get past our skilled technicians. Scan
Walgreens Scan

These scans are from a 127 Super Slide. Notice that the Walgreens scan is cropped down and you do not get the whole slide. Note the color corrections by A35ss' Photoshop artists. You get this expert color work on each scan. Many discolored images can be brought back to life again by our experts. No extra charge!

scan comparison grand canyon walgreens Scan
Walgreens Scan

TV set walgreens Scan
Walgreens Scan

These scans are from a 120 size slide. 120 slides are almost square. Notice how Walgreens cropped the top and bottom off the scan and then left the black bars on the sides. We scan the whole 120 slide and we precision crop each image so there are no black bars or dirty edges.

120 scan doorway walgreens Scan
Walgreens Scan

These scans are from the 110 size slide. Notice how the A35ss slide scan is zoomed in and the Walgreens slide scan has black on all sides. Also notice how the highlights and details of the Walgreens scan are all blown away. Our final 110 slide scans will be the same size as regular 35mm images.

birthday cake walgreens Scan
Walgreens Scan
parakeet walgreens Scan
Walgreens Scan
shrubs and house walgreens Scan
Walgreens Scan
mountain lake walgreens Scan
Walgreens Scan
yellowstone walgreens Scan
Walgreens Scan
yellowstone park walgreens Scan
Walgreens Scan
desert mountain walgreens


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